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Educational Modernity Schools

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Educational Modernity Schools are working on preparing an open generation that has greater awareness and ability to deal with the demands of its current life and the surrounding society by working on developing its cognitive, physical and social skills in an Islamic environment characterized by modernity, security and moderation. And developed to keep abreast of modern scientific and technological development so as to be able to research and characterizes the balance of personality and proud of his language and religion and cultural heritage and be able to respect and accept the other opinion through the development of his sense of responsibility towards religion and homeland and nation and The vessels of the whole. Teacher Ahmed Arrabi Director General of the school

Educational programs in schools of modern education
In the interest of modern education schools to nurture a distinct generation capable of keeping pace with life creatively, it has developed a set of programs of its own will be mentioned successively:

English Day ED

Every Saturday, activities are varied to support the English language of students in terms of writing, reading and speaking through a variety of activities such as nomads, watching movies supporting the language, contracting with well-known bodies around the world so that students can overcome the difficulty of English. Fun and easy
* Free and secure transportation.

Our Arab Program

Arabic calligraphy is considered one of the most important Arab and Islamic arts at all. It is the art of drawing Arabic letters in beautiful shapes and attractive, attractive art that attracts man against his will to read and marvel at this tremendous creativity. The Arabic writing acquired this beautiful feature, which is the advantage of drawing words and letters from being a continuous writing, that is, the letters are written in a continuous way. This allows the writer, painter and calligrapher to draw a beautiful and attractive drawing. To teach students the calligraphy due to the importance of the subject in the life of the student.

Weekly Culture Program

Where an hour is emptied weekly for public culture in various fields such as: photography, the art of car industry, cinema, film screening ... etc. so that students can keep up with developments in all fields

Creative student program

A group of distinguished students will be equipped and supported in the field of their creativity in terms of providing the sciences that are in need financially and scientifically to compete with others in Jordan or around the world in general.

Computer program

The program aims to increase knowledge of known computer programs worldwide to help